Which Will You Use for Your Car in Winter?

Salt, sand, and kitty litter are three unconventional substances for getting you and your vehicle out of complicated times on roadways and off-road scenarios.

You should know a little bit about each of these substances prior to choosing one – or even using one – for your potential wintertime troubles.

Sand will obviously not dissolve, although it’s still useful for both the driveway and the off-road scenarios requiring a material to bridge the gap between the wheels on your vehicle and the snow, or whatever kind of element you’re having trouble with.

Salt will dissolve, however, making it ideal for driveway use, or by placing it anywhere else, you’d want to remove it from directly after using. Salt can’t reliably get used for digging your vehicle out of a recession. However, this may not be the option for you at the time depending on your circumstance.

Kitty litter can give you the additional traction you need to get your vehicle out of situations. Although it may not melt the snow, it can still be a reliable resource.

Do you want more information on how to prepare your vehicle for winter? Come by Piazza Honda of Pottstown, and we can inspect your vehicle as well.

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