Lease End Damage Problem Solving

Leasing from Piazza Honda of Pottstown is a less stressful way of driving a new car. Once the lease is over, an assessment of the damage starts and charges add up. Leasing from a Limerick dealership gives customers plenty of notice before the lease ends. Usually, around 90 days before the period ends. The leasing agent provides a time, and place for inspection. This is usually a place convenient for the customer.

Any unusual damage is considered excessive. This is basically wear and tear clients would not want in a vehicle they own. Dents and marks on the car are strategically measured to determine damage cost. The inspector has a predetermined list of things to look for when making an assessment. Once evaluated, the customer has the opportunity to appeal the assessment if he or she feels the valuation is too high. If the intent is to continue leasing from the dealership, some charges may be reduced. Call Piazza Honda of Pottstown for leasing information today.
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