What's the Best Oil for Your Car?

Most manufacturers recommended certain intervals when it comes to an oil change. It is for this reason that they equip each car with an oil monitoring system to keep things in check just in case your mind is not focused on the condition of your motor oil.

These manufacturers usually recommend oil change after certain mileage intervals. These intervals are also determined by driving habits. For instance, if you are prone to driving in severe weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures and with rough terrain, you would probably have to change your oil more often.

Even though conventional oils come highly recommended, more manufacturers are considering the use of synthetic oils. Get to our showroom at Piazza Honda of Pottstown for more details on how to use conventional oils. We will also answer all your questions regarding synthetic oils and whether you really need to use them in your car or not. Go for nothing less than the best oil change advice in town!

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