What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt is set off by itself in its own compartment, but it serves a critical role in the overall functioning of the engine and its components. It connects to and operates both the camshaft and the crankshaft through the power it receives from the engine.

By connecting to the crankshaft, the timing belt provides the crankshaft with the power it needs to supply other parts, such as the clutch, with the force they need to function. The camshaft, by comparison, receives the power it receives from the engine through the help of the timing belt. With its power, the camshaft is able to operate the engine’s valves.

Regular maintenance, as stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer’s schedule, is critical to the continued proper functioning of the entire engine. If you hear popping from the engine while you’re driving, it’s time to have it serviced. We’re here at the Piazza Honda of Pottstown auto service facility to assist you with your questions.

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