5 Key Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Whether you're new to car ownership or you've been driving for years, you know that you need to have your vehicle regularly serviced to keep it running. One service that you're very familiar with is the oil change, but you may not have considered why this service is important. In fact, regular oil changes are arguably one of the most important services for your vehicle. Often performed in intervals of around 3,000 miles, oil changes help your vehicle's engine perform at its best and even extend its life.

Explore five key reasons never to skip an oil change below and learn why it's one of the most crucial auto services. If you're in need of an oil change, you can schedule a service appointment online and save time when you bring your vehicle to our certified service center.

  1. Optimize Fuel Economy
    Drivers don't often associate regular oil changes with fuel economy and efficiency, but the two are certainly connected. When your vehicle receives regular oil changes, the fresh oil helps keep your engine lubricated, reducing friction and increasing the efficiency of the engine.
  2. Performance
    General engine performance is highly affected by oil changes. If you regularly change your engine oil, the clean oil will keep the fast-moving engine components lubricated ensuring your engine runs smoother and quieter.
  3. Remove Contaminants
    As you drive, dust and debris can build up in your engine oil. If these particles are allowed to stay in the engine for long, they will increase wear on your engine components and increase the risk of part failure.
  4. Cleaner
    You've surely seen a vehicle spew black smoke from its tailpipe. If that vehicle isn't a diesel truck, it's likely that they need an oil change. Fresh oil is less likely to burn than oil and dirty oil.
  5. Engine Longevity
    We all want our vehicles to perform at their best for the most time possible. That's why regular oil changes are important, ensuring your vehicle gets oil changes on time reduces your risk of engine failure, decreases engine wear, and keeps your engine free from harmful contaminants.
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