Washing your car is basic automotive care, but how often should you wash your car? We here at Piazza Honda of Pottstown like to err on the side of caution, so we wash our rides weekly. However, it's okay to wash your car twice per month as well. Here's why.

The Weekly or Twice Monthly Schedule

If you're blessed enough to live in a mild climate year-round and/or you park your car in a covered garage, you can get away with washing your car twice monthly. Stay open to adjust this frequency according to seasonal weather changes. If you live in a harsh climate and/or you park your car on the street and commute daily, you definitely want to wash your car weekly.

Weekly washes cleanse away irritants that can ruin your car's paint, finish and undercarriage. What irritants?

Why Car Washes Are Necessary

Your car's exposure to elements puts it in contact with dust, air pollutants, salt, tree sap, pollen, bug guts and bird droppings. All of these things can age your car and diminish its capabilities. A good, thorough weekly wash removes these irritants, leaving your car looking fresh and running smoothly.



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