The LATCH Test Can Help You Find A Child-Friendly Vehicle

Your child's safety and comfort are critical. These factors are something you should keep in mind when buying a new car, and we have a simple, easily-to-grasp way for you to gauge a vehicle's backseat dependability—the LATCH test. At Piazza Honda of Pottstown, it's our favorite way to display a vehicle's child-safety capabilities. Here's a brief description of how it works.

The LATCH test will provide a vehicle a rating of either poor, marginal, acceptable, or good. No matter how appealing a car may be, if its tether rating is poor or marginal, we recommend steering clear in the interest of your child's safety. Conversely, vehicle's with scores of either acceptable or good should be given an added layer of value.

Two of the tests most high-value factors are tether location and hardware usability. The LATCH test wants for the tether anchors to be on your vehicle's rear deck or on the upper end of the backseat. Likewise, installation hardware should use locking mechanisms that conform to industry standards.



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