Automotive accidents remain one of the leading causes of fatalities in children aged 13 and under. However, when a child is secured in the right car seat, they become much safer in the event of a collision. If in the market for a family-sized vehicle, enjoy browsing through the selection offered in our Piazza Honda of Pottstown inventory.

Infant seats must face the rear of the vehicle and are appropriate for newborns and younger infants. When the child reaches eight or nine months of age, parents often opt for a forward-facing version that features a tether and a harness. All-in-one seats are another options that can be used from newborn to toddler. The seats convert as needed.

They may eventually be used as a booster seat for older youngsters. Booster seats come with or without back support. But, all of them require buckling the child securely with the vehicle's seat belt.



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