When you're behind the wheel in Limerick, distractions are a no-go — and that's where the 2020 Honda Accord shines. Designed for convenience and comfort, this popular midsize sedan uses advanced technology to help you keep your attention on the road.

As soon as you start to drive the 2020 Honda Accord, you'll hear the difference. Notice the silent cabin? That's because of the wheel resonators. They work as you drive, cutting back on the noise from the road and giving you a more peaceful experience.

Have you ever looked away from the road to find the high beams? The 2020 Honda Accord takes care of that issue for you. The secret is the auto high-beam headlights; they dim themselves any time a vehicle approaches. Then, they brighten up again to improve your visibility. Find out what a difference that makes when you schedule a test drive with our Piazza Honda of Pottstown staff.



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