Tailgating has become not only a popular pastime but also almost a household name as more and more people are choosing to join the fun. We want to help you make sure your pickup truck is in good condition and ready for the task at hand. Tailgating is about more than just driving your truck to a game and sitting on the tailgate to watch the game. It’s an experience that involves having the right supplies and essentials. Stop at Piazza Honda of Pottstown and allow us to help prepare you.

Here is an important supply list.
• Toolbox with necessary tools
• Coolers stocked with ice
• Sufficient food and beverages to last through the game.
• Bottles of frozen water so you’ll always have cold water
• Automotive supplies like jumper cables, jacks and spare tire

Once you have all your tailgating supplies on hand, it’s time to come to our Pottstown dealership and allow us to service your vehicle.



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