Why Rotate?

Routine tire rotations are vital to ensuring a vehicle’s tires are wearing evenly. Improperly worn tires not only lose tread at an accelerated rate, they also become unbalanced, resulting in a rougher, noisier ride, as well as presenting a potential safety hazard. Most major tire manufactures’ warranties are contingent on tires being rotated on schedule. It is recommended that Limerick motorists rotate their tires every 5,000-miles, more or less with every oil change and tune-up service.


Properly rotated and balanced tires deliver a noticeably smoother, quieter and safer ride than tires that aren’t. Extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s tires provides tremendous cost-savings over the life of your car or truck. Well-balanced tires substantially increase the overall safety of a vehicle by enhancing its traction, stability and braking capability. Aside from regularly scheduled rotations, keeping your tires properly inflated at the correct PSI (pounds per square inch) level, as well as visually inspecting the condition of the tread, are the best ways to maintain tire longevity and performance.

Premium Tire Service

Come on down to Piazza Honda of Pottstown and have our certified ASE master technicians take a look at your tires. Whether it’s a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive or uni-directional configured vehicle, as well as 6-wheel standard or 6-wheel alternate trucks, our staff of experienced tire professionals have done and seen it all. Let our experts quickly and accurately determine your vehicle’s optimum tire rotation pattern, ranging from the Rearward Cross, X-Pattern, Forward Cross, Front-to-Rear as well as Side-to Side. We also offer full automotive service including oil change and tune-ups as well as high quality auto repair using only the finest OEM parts.


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