Have you ever noticed that the Honda CR-V is one of the most attractive small SUVs on the road? That's because the designers at Honda have spent a lot of time refining its top-selling SUV. Here are some of the more notable exterior design features on the CR-V.

Color Matched Rear Spoiler

The Honda CR-V knows how to look good at any angle. That is apparent when you notice the color-matched rear spoiler that is mounted above the rear window. This rear spoiler not only helps with the vehicle's airflow, but it also looks great.

LED Taillights

?You want to make sure that the traffic behind your vehicle can keep its distance. That's where the CR-V's attractive LED taillights come in. These lights are much more than functional. These attractive lights are stylish and can be easily visible from a long distance. You'll feel more confident with powerful LED taillights behind your CR-V.


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