Your vehicles fuel system consists of much more than just the fuel that makes it run. Several parts make up the fuel system, including the fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel filter and carburetor or fuel injectors. Each of these components are important to make your vehicle run efficiently. If one of these parts fails to work, the vehicle will no longer run. Come to Piazza Honda of Pottstown for fuel system parts or to have any of your automotive questions answered. Here are three of the most common fuel system problems.

  • Dirty Fuel Filter - The filters job is to remove dirt and debris from the fuel so the engine and fuel injectors do not become contaminated. The vehicle may jerk or lose power if the filter is dirty.
  • Failing Fuel Pump - If the fuel pump begins to fail, it can cause several problems with the biggest problem being that the vehicle will not start. Signs that your fuel pump may be going bad include a clunky acceleration, and the vehicle may jerk at high speeds.
  • Bad fuel injectors - The job of the fuel injectors is to transfer the gas to the combustion chamber. If they're going bad, the car wont perform as it should.


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