Using your smartphone while driving is not safe. Your chance of getting into an accident increases when you are looking down at your smartphone while driving. Thankfully, most new vehicles have an infotainment system on the dashboard that provides everything your smartphone provides without having to use your smartphone.

If you have an Apple iPhone, then you can link your phone to the Apple CarPlay infotainment system. Apple CarPlay allows you to safely make phone calls and use your apps. You can send or receive text messages, listen to your favorite music or podcasts, and get directions to your destination. All functions on the Apple CarPlay are displayed using large icons on an easy-to-use interface. You can also voice-activate any Apple CarPlay function using Siri.

Most automakers offer Apple CarPlay as a standard feature, but some make customers pay an extra fee. Be sure to ask an associate at Piazza Honda of Pottstown to see if Apple CarPlay is a standard feature on the vehicle you wish to purchase.


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