The Honda CR-V's availability as a turbocharged or hybrid model is itself an extremely trend-forward detail. This midsize SUV already reflects evolving trends leaning toward superb efficiency and 'greener' automobiles. The Honda CR-V's cutting edge tech features only enhance this ride's 'green' appeal. Take a look.

Cinematic Audio

A more efficient audio system delivers better sound while using less power. The Honda CR-V's premium audio system epitomizes this idea. The system consists of nine speakers, 330 watts total, with subwoofers to boot. The speakers occupy discreet locations throughout the Honda CR-V cabin, treating each and every passenger to rich, crisp harmonics from every corner.

The In-Dash Touchscreen

A favorite among our Piazza Honda of Pottstown team members, the Honda CR-V in-dash touchscreen sits just right of the steering wheel. Easily controlled while driving or idling, it is the Honda CR-V's central command center, so to speak. It grants access to navigation maps, in-vehicle apps, entertainment and other forms of media. It measure 7 inches diagonally, with big, vibrant, virtual buttons and intuitive menus.


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