Piazza Pet of the Week

Are you looking for a way to give back?  Why not share your home with an animal in need! Piazza Honda of Pottstown is doing their part by sponsoring the Piazza Pet of the Week! Tune into 1210-AM WPHT at 7:50am Wednesday mornings and listen to the Chris Stigall show. Chris and the PSPCA will tell you about a special cat or dog that needs a place to call home.

The PSPCA is Pennsylvania's largest and most comprehensive humane organization. They are an independent organization headquartered in Philadelphia where it was founded nearly 150 years ago. For more information on animal adoption please visit their website!

Be sure to watch the video below to see Apple!

Bridget is a one year old Pittie Lab Mix. She was found as a stray and her owner was unable to take her back. Bridget is super sweet and can go into homes with children of all ages! She likes other dogs too! Stop by the PSPCA to meet her!
 Parallax - Adopted!!
Parallax is an 8 month old Pittie Puppy. She is very sweet and even more so shy. Parallax is ready for a loving family to take her under their wings and help her thrive. She was pulled from the city shelter to the PSPCA. Parallax was emaciated when she arrived, but she is now fully recovered! She is a great candidate for almost any home too - even one with another dog sibling. Hurry in to the PSPCA to meet her!
 Sparrow - Adopted!!
Sparrow is a four month old Hound Mix. He is so sweet and somewhat shy. Sparrow was pulled from another shelter to the PSPCA because his shelter was at capacity. He loves car rides and snuggling in your lap! Sparrow would make the best pup for any home. Stop by the PSPCA today to meet him!
Marina is a nine year old Pittie. She is sweet and social and could go into any home! Marina loves meeting new people. She is an excellent candidate for homes with children and even other low-key dogs like herself. Marina is a snuggle bug and she enjoys nap time and hang time with her favorite people. Visit the PSPCA to meet her!
 Layla - Adopted!!
Layla is a two year old Pittie Chinese Sharpei Mix. She was pulled from the city shelter to find her forever home. Layla is a perfect candidate for any family! She loves to be around people of all ages as well as other dogs too. Stop by the PSPCA to meet her!
 Metteo - Adopted!!
Metteo is a super sweet 1 year old Chihuahua Mix. He was surrendered to the PSPCA along with 32 other Chihuahua dogs and puppies. Their owner could no longer afford them, so the PSPCA is helping these sweet animals find their forever homes! Metteo is a great candidate for any family. Stop by the shelter to meet him!
 Jingles - Adopted!!
Jingles is a special cat. She was rescued by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team along with 118 other cats. The cats were kept in poor sanitary conditions and were not provided veterinary care. Due to neglect, Jingles needed both of her eyes removed. Even without her sight, her spirit is remarkable! She loves to be around people and will head butt everyone she meets. Jingles cannot wait to meet her special family.
 Lulu - Adopted!!
Lulu is a seven year old smooth Collie Mix. She was rescued from cruelty and is a perfect candidate for any home! Lulu loves children of all ages and other dogs too. She has a calmly curious personality and enjoys being around her favorite people. Lulu likes treats, going for walks, and relaxing. Stop by the PSPCA to meet her!
 Sandy - Adopted!!
Sandy is a wonderful dog! He is so smart and sensitive and very well-behaved. Sandy was rescued from cruelty and cannot wait to find his forever family. Sandy can be considered for homes with children ages five and up and adults of all ages! His soulful eyes, sweet face, and steady energy level make him the best companion!

 Piazza Pet of the Week Update: Over 150 Animals Adopted!

Piazza Honda of Pottstown is grateful to be a part of a program that has placed over 150 animals into permanent homes.  We could not have accomplished this without the help and support of animal lovers across the Philadelphia and Pottstown area!

The images below represent only some of the pets that were featured on the Chris Stigall show as a Piazza Pet and have found new homes. To check out a few stories from Piazza Pet adopters, please visit the Piazza Pet Page.